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Lounge music is a type of relaxing, tranquil music which evokes listeners to feel like that they are in a theme like jungle, outer space, paradise beach or an exotic environment. Going as far back as the 1800’s, Classical Avant Garde is can be attributed as the oldest form of the Ambient genre going with certain compositions by Beethoven and Bach that influenced the earliest lounge music appeared in early 1900’s. At the time orchestral, mood music was named as light music and as an easy listening genre Light Music was literally the simplest sense of lounge music which was performed in hotels, casinos or piano bars.

Lounge Music as a type of an easy listening music which now covers many different sounds like Jazz, Funk, Soul, Ambient, Chill-out, Dub, Trip Hop, NU Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin, Space Age, Exotica, Smooth Jazz, Deep House, Down Tempo and many others. Read More …


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